A Solo Traveller's Journey to Rangamati (Dhaka to Rangamati)

Rangamati is a small town of Chittagong Division and a district in south-eastern Bangladesh. Rangamati is covered with the green hills, lakes, and rivers. For this reason, the tourist from all over Bangladesh and abroad like the place for passing free time. In general, it is situated at the side of Kaptai Lake, that’s why Rangamati is considered as the "Lake City" Of Bangladesh. Rangamati is one of the most favorite tourist places of mine and I always wanted to travel there. In 2018 I got the opportunity to explore the beauty of Rangamati . It was different from ever because it was my first solo travel. I was a little bit nervous but I had hell of excitement inside of me and that made me more comfortable. This tour total costed me approximately 4500 BDT. Dhaka to Rangamati is a route spread over 303.7 kilometers. Currently S.Alam,  Hanif Enterprise, and Saint Martin Hyundai bus services run in this route. It will take around 10.30-11.30 hours to reach there, depending on the road condition. The bus ticket price for this route is around 620 to 1400 BDT . I chose to go by S.Alam bus service which costed me 620 BDT and it was so budget friendly. But remember one thing, this bus service will not provide that much good service that you will expect. My bus departed from Kalabagan at 11 am. I fell sleep shortly after that when I woke up at the morning I  discovered roads going through the mountain by making snake shape.  

Sleeping peacefully

I got off from the bus at 7 am in front of Rangamati Stadium, Hospital Road and I saw this. My heart melted with peace. It was cold and serene.

Golden temple Rangamati.
Shath-Shorgo Rangamati
Shimaghor Rangamati.

These are the local religious spot to visit. After visiting these spots I went to Reseve Bazar market near from launch Ghat and completed my breakfast there. Which cost me approximately 130 BDT. It was so delicious. The chicken was too good. I loved there local style cooking.

Delicious breakfast with chicken curry and rice.

Now it was time to go "Shuvolong" by launch crossing Kaptai lake. This large man made lake of Bangladesh spanning over an area of approximately 11000km2, was created as a reservoir when the Kaptai dam was built during the 1960s. The lake was created by flooding valleys and plain lands between numerous hills. This created a picturesque view as forested hills and plateaus rise from beneath the water. The government run tourism corporation and private operators offer Kaptai lake crusie tours which is worth of it. Other scenic spots are also accessible through the waterways. I took the launch service which costed me approximately 50 BDT.

Rangamati visit is kind of based around the Kaptai lake visit. Kaptai is an enormous lake with an area of 11,000 square kilometers. You might be thinking that this lake is a natural one. On the contrary, the lake is a human-made lake created in 1962.

The dam on the Karnafuli river caused the creation of the lake. Kaptai lake is divided into two large portions where the Karnafuli river acts as the connecting bridge between the two.

So, how can you enjoy the lake?

You should start off soon in the morning by renting a boat from the hanging bridge point. The boat fare will vary depending on how far you are planning to go. Typically, people hire the boat to the infamous Shuvolong waterfalls. The waterfall is by the side of the narrow passage between the two parts of the Kaptai lake.

Apart from the Shuvolong waterfalls, there are many small waterfalls that you can see throughout the lake. When you are visiting the Shuvolong waterfalls, you should also check the Shuvolong hill. It’s just a small hill having about 1,800 feet height. From the top of the hill, you can see almost the entire Shuvolong part of the Kaptai lake. The view from the top is just surreal.

You could also see a gigantic Buddha statue on the way to Shuvolong. You could make a stoppage and check this temple.

It would be past noon when you will be returning from Shuvolong, and you should be quite hungry by now. Don’t worry, Kaptai lake has some great tribal restaurants to satisfy your huger and appetite. You can enjoy many mouth-watering dishes here at the restaurants. We insist you try the bamboo chicken here. You can taste the most authentic bamboo chicken here. Soon after your lunch, you could return to the hanging bridge.

Kaptai Lake.

It took nearly 2 hours to reach Shuvolong. Shuvolong a place in Borokol sub district, located about 25 kilometers (11kilometers – as the crow flies) away from Rangamati. There are few waterfalls in Shuvolong area with the largest one falling from as high as 300 feet. In the past several years, this place has turned into a tourist destination due to beautiful waterfalls and the nearby market. Shuvolong is easily accessible by speed boat or motor boats from Rangamati.

Shuvolong, Rangamati.
Nice place to eat in Shuvolong.
Shuvolong Hill

Trekked for approximately 30 minutes just to see this view.  

Hanging Bridge : This 335 feet long bridge across a portion of the Kaptai lake is an icon of Rangamati.

Hanging Bridge Rangamati.

You can hire a CNG rickshaw to go there and it will cost approximately 150 BDT from Rizap Bazar.

Chandrima Riverview Park & Restaurant
Dc Banglow Park

The most attractive recreation place in Rangamati is adjacent to DC park and DC banglow. This Polwel Park is maintained by well organized people where we find different types of rides for children, zoo, swimming pool, fishing pier, love lock points, beautiful cottage. This is a suitable place to enjoy on holidays and also enjoy the beauty of Kaptai lake.

Pirates Restaurant.

I had my dinner at Pirates Restaurant and Sabarang Restaurant at Rajbari Road, Rangamati (Take a CNG and stop at Rajbari Road). 9 am to 9 pm. Sabarang Restaurant provides authentic indigenous Chakma cuisine as well as Thai and Chinese cuisine. "Sabarang" is a special fragrant herb found in Rangamati. "Shugor Ehra Khola" (Pork Stew), "Boda Hebang" (Bamboo-Steamed Eggs), "Bhach Churi" (Bamboo Shoots), "Amile Toan", "Khuro Gudiye" (Chicken) and other delicious morsels of local cuisine are found here. All the prices are between 250-2000 BDT.

After doing all of these amazing stuffs this tour came to an end and the trip was very mesmerizing and memorable.

Happy travelling.

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