A Family Tour To Barisal Floating Market & Guava Garden (Dhaka to Barisal)

Bangladesh has many beautiful tourist places. The guava garden known as "Peyara Bagan" is one of them. The guava garden is situated near Barisal city. The beauty of this place can not be described with words. You have to witness this beauty with your own eyes. Guava is known as the “Apple of Bengal”. Guava is found in each its native and genetically changed varieties in Bangladesh, however Barisal is very famous for the native variety. The guava you will find here has it's own special taste and scent. The best time to travel here to see the mesmerizing beauty is from July to September.

Last year I paid a visit there and here I am going to share my experience with you so that you may get a help from my experience. This guava garden is situated at Jhalokathi which is a district of Barisal division. I went there by launch but I didn't go to Jhalokathi directly as the launches of Jhalokathi are not big enough and as this was my first journey by launch so, I wanted to go by a big launch. We went there by "Parabot 12" which was a quite big launch. We were total 6 people in number and started our journey from "Sadarghat launch Terminal". We took one VIP room and two double bed cabin. As I have problem using common washrooms so I preferred the VIP room with a personal washroom. The VIP cabin costed us around 5000 BDT and the double bed cabin costed around 1800 BDT. There were two single beds in a double bed cabin and in the VIP room there was one double bed, fridge, air conditioner, television and a washroom.

Sadarghat Launch Terminal

Our departure time was around 7:00 pm but the launch started from the Sadarghat launch terminal at 10:00 pm. Then our journey got started. Our misfortune was that when we started our journey there was danger signal number 4 in all river and sea ports of Bangladesh. After starting our journey, we took some light snacks from the launch cafeteria. You will find french fries, fish cutlet, chicken fry and many other snacks in the cafeteria.  We took our dinner in the VIP lounge. You can order foods from your room. We took 2 pomfret fry, 2 bowl pulse, 2 bowl powa fish, rice and the whole dinner costed us 2400 BDT for 6 persons. After having our dinner, we went for sleep but around 2:00 am the launch started rolling while crossing the Meghna river as a storm had started. I was so terrified that time. However we overcame the situation and reached safely in Barisal at 6:30 am. A micro bus of 12 seats was waiting for us at the Barisal launch terminal. Our relatives hired that ride prior to our arrival. This ride costed around 2000 BDT . You can find "Mahendra" named big CNG of 7 seats there for going to Jhalokathi from Barisal. That ride will cost you around 1600-1800 BDT. It depends on your negotiation. After around 35-40 mins we reached at Jhalokathi Sadar. As I had my in laws home there so we didn't need to hire any hotel room but you will find some mid range hotels there. You may not many high standard hotels there. Halima Boarding , Shughandha Hotel these are just some references for hotel. You may find some other better options there.

We stayed at New Kalabagan in Jhalokathi Sadar. So after reaching at home,we took rest for a while and had our breakfast. After that we started our journey for the guava garden and we were total 10 people. We went to the guava garden by a troller. You can also go by road. But I suggest you to take the troller, then you will be able to see some tremendous beauty of Jhalokathi. It was a treat to my eyes. We hired the troller for going to the guava garden and coming back to the boat stand. The driver of the troller charged 3000 BDT for a return trip. We got on the troller from the "troller ghat".

There are two guava gardens there. One is the Vimruli Attghor Kuriana guava garden and the other one is Sharupkathi guava garden which is near Pirojpur . We went to the Vimruli Attghor Kuriana guava garden.  It took around 2 and a half hours to reach there. We also stopped at an orange garden and bought 5 kg preservative free oranges which we plucked with our own hands from the garden. All on a sudden it started raining but we were lucky because our troller had a roof. After some moment the rain had stopped.

However after reaching at the spot we had our lunch which we brought from Jhalokathi . You will also find some local floating restaurants there for having lunch. Then we saw some big floating guava markets where sellers were selling guavas. The sellers were selling bulk amount of guavas to the local shopkeepers at a very cheap rate which was only 5 BDT per kg. They also sell guavas to the tourists if they buy bulk amount ( around 10-20 kg ) and they charge them 10-15 BDT per kg.

We had our lunch in the troller. Then we wanted to enter into the main guava garden. There you can't enter with big trollers as the canals are quite thin and not everyone is also allowed to enter inside of the main guava garden. We hired a boatman who owns a small portion of the garden. We contracted with him that we will buy guavas from his garden and we will give charge for the boat ride and in the return he will take us inside of the garden. We gave him 500 BDT for boat ride and 300 BDT for guavas. We spent around 1 hour there. We plucked guavas while sitting on the boat. I had no idea that Bangladesh has such amazing places. We enjoyed a lot there that I had decided I will visit this place one more time for sure!

After that we went back to our troller and started for our home. On the way of coming we saw many beautiful places like ancient landlord houses, house of poet Kamini Rai and "Gabkhan Bridge". In the evening we arrived at our destination. That was the ending of our guava garden trip.

After staying for some days more, we went back to Dhaka. This time we came back by air because of the bad experience I faced in the launch. I didn't dare to ride launch again in that season. As that time our religious festival Eid was going on, the air fare was quite high. We travelled by Bangladesh Biman. Each person's ticket costed around 8000 BDT. The airport is situated at Barisal city. We went there by CNG and costed us 2000 BDT for going to the airport from Jhalokathi.

Ghabkhan Bridge

If you are looking for any place for escaping your monotonous life for a while you can choose this place for paying a visit. The beauty of this place, will never fail to mesmerize you!

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