A Short Couple Trip at Bandarban Greenpeak Resort (Dhaka to Bandarban)

Today I am going to share one more couple trip story which happened at Bandarban. Bandarban is a district in South-Eastern Bangladesh, and a part of the Chittagong Division. It is one of the three hill districts of Bangladesh and a part of the Chittagong Hill Tracts, the others being Rangamati District and Khagrachari District.

Our main intention wasn't visiting Bandarban. Actually it was a very old wish of mine to stay in a tree house. From a Facebook advertisement, I came to know about tree houses at Bandarban. The name of the resort is "Bandarban Greenpeak Resorts". It is a luxurious and peaceful resort located in Recha, 1/2 km ahead of Meghla. So we decided to go there. But as I hadn't any vacation and my husband had to attend office on weekdays so we decided to take a very short trip of 2 days (Friday and Saturday) and we had works to attend on Sunday.
We took a two days honeymoon package. We were given one tree house , two breakfast, two lunch, one special dinner ,candle light dinner, special honeymoon bed ,one celebration cake and surprise gifts. The total package costed us 16,500 BDT. You have to make 25% advance payment and rest 75% payment will done after you arrive at the resort. They have their own Facebook page. You can contact through this page.

In front of the Tree Houses

As we had very short time period for travelling, we chose to travel by air so we checked our time schedule and cut our tickets one week earlier. That's why the tickets costed us slightly cheaper. If you cut tickets one/two days earlier prices may vary. For going to Chittagong we took two ticket of Bangladesh Biman. For two person it costed 6000 BDT (3000 BDT each) and for coming back to Dhaka, we took two tickets of Novo Air and these two tickets costed us 5000 BDT (2500 BDT each). We cut the tickets according to our time. There isn't direct flight for going to Bandarban. First you have to go to Chittagong then you have to go to Bandarban by bus. Bus and hired micro buses are the only ways to go there. Other transports are not allowed to go there as the hilly roads are very risky. It was the month of January when we took the trip. Our flight took off at 9:30 am (delayed 1 hour due to dense fog) and within 30 minutes we reached Chittagong airport. After that we took CNG to go to a bus station (New Karnafuli Bridge) .The CNG costed us 400 BDT. They demand very high fare. You have to negotiate smartly. It took almost 1 and a half hour to reach in the bus station. But we were very much unfortunate to catch bus on time. The bus left the station at 11:00 am and we couldn't make it on time. There were only two bus services for going to Bandorban which was BRTC and Purobi. The next bus would leave on 2:00 pm which was quite late so we decided to call an Uber. As the place was quite far it was shown as intercity and costed us 2300 BDT. Anyway the Uber driver was quite professional and drived safely.

The walkway of the resort

After reaching at the resort, in the beginning things were kinda messy. The resort manager wasn't there and our lunch wasn't even ready but we were very much hungry. Our check in time was at 1:00 pm and reached there at 1:30 pm. We checked in at our room and took a shower. Our tree house was breathtakingly beautiful. I couldn't stop staring at our balcony!

Standing on the balcony and enjoying the view!

This was beyond beautiful. There were big green mountains and trees in front of the balcony and just under the house there was a river. The tree house is just perfect for the couples. The room was worthy of the cost and journey. Then we went for our lunch. Don't expect luxury and fancy food while you are in Bandarban. As we took a honeymoon package for two days, our food list were predefined. We ate vegetables , chicken, pulse and rice for lunch. Their local cooking was really very delicious that I ate quite a lot.
After having our lunch luckily we found a CNG in the premises of the resort. We took the CNG driver's number and told him to pick us in the morning as we wanted to explore the nearest areas. You won't find available CNG there as the resort is in the hilly area. In the afternoon we roamed around in the resort. Then in the evening the resort held a BBQ party. We sat down in the gallery and they served us BBQ with Paratha which was apparently our dinner. Our resort was on the top of hills. So it was very difficult to climb those hills every time after having food.

Having tea sitting on the balcony
View from our Tree House

In the next morning we had our buffet breakfast. They provided us Paratha, Vegetable, Pulse, Bread and Jam, Egg fry, Papaya juice. The food was very delicious.


Around at 10:00 am our CNG came to pick us. He suggested us to visit some places. At first we visited Shorno Mandir (Golden Temple) . You must remember some things while visiting Shorno Mandir,
1) You have to climb 200 stairs to reach this temple. In rainy day few steps become very slippery.  If you don't want to climb stairs, you can directly go with your vehicle.  
2) You have to put off your shoe before entering into the temple. We put our shoes in our CNG. You must cut tickets before entering in the temple.  
3) Taking photos and videos is forbidden there,but people takes photos and videos for its dramatic view.

Shorno Mandir ( Golden Temple )

We bought some packets of pickles for our families from there. Then our next destination was Nilachal. It took about 30-40 minutes to reach there from the Golden Temple. Nilachal is special for spectacular view from the hill apex and taking photos. It is a beautiful tourist place at tiger hill which stands 2000 feet above sea level. We walked there for 30 minutes and took some pictures with cloud.


Our next destination was Meghla Parjatan Complex. This place was really beautiful and full of fun. It is 4 km away from the town on the road to Keranihat, which has a mini-safari-park, a zoo, a place for boat journey, a hanging bridge and artificial lake at the bottom of the hills. It is a popular spot for tourists & often visited by many for pleasure. We rode on a cable car in the park. It was the very first time in my life I have experienced such a thing. If you want to ride on a cable car, you have to cut the ticket from the entrance. They don't sell tickets inside the park. After climbing so many hills, my body got extremely tired and I no longer wanted to visit any other place and returned to our resort. We gave the CNG driver 1200 BDT for 3 hours ride and for letting us visit 3 different places. We did one important thing while were travelling these places through the main town. We cut two bus tickets for going to Chittagong. They took our number and told us to call before crossing our resort. We just have to stand in front of the gate.

Our tree house balcony

After returning to our resort we took shower and we got a call for our lunch. They gave us local chicken curry, pulse, rice and vegetables for lunch. Then we went to our tree house back and rested for while. In the afternoon we sat on the swing in our balcony, had tea, took photos and spent some quality time. Today was the day when they would provide us Candle Light Dinner in a special place of the resort so we dressed up well and went for the dinner. Their arrangement was so beautiful and the place looked mesmerizing. The provided us several Chinese items like thai soup, wonton, fried rice, fried chicken, chicken curry, vegetables and soft drinks.

Where the Candle Light Dinner happened!

After returning to our room from there, I found that they decorated our room so beautifully that I was stunned for a while! They even decorated a table with a celebration cake, grape juice and a box of chocolates. They made the night so special that I can not ever explain. Then we enjoyed the whole moment and went for sleep.

Room Decoration

In the next morning it was the time for departure. We checked out from our room very early in the morning and took our breakfast and waited for the bus to come. Then the bus came and after 1 and a half hour we reached at Chittagong and then went to the airport with a CNG. This ride costed us 500 BDT. Unfortunately due to heavy fog our flight became late for 5 hours! So we waited in the EBL SkyLounge and enjoyed some free food. So in this way our trip ended!

Happy Travelling!

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