A Couple Honeymoon Trip at Mermaid Beach Resort (Dhaka to Cox's Bazar)

Once the wedding has been celebrated and the knot has been tied, most couples wants to go on a honeymoon. This is a chance to travel to an exotic destination and enjoy a romantic trip. So after all the wedding hassles we have been through, we wanted to make our honeymoon very special and relaxing. So we had chosen "Mermaid Beach Resort" as our destination. So many people suggested us to go there so we thought to give it a shot.

In front of our beach villa

We took a beach villa in the resort. We got 30% discount and after 30% discount, the pricing was like this:

Package : 2 Nights Honeymoon Package (Including Buffet Breakfast, Lunch, Evening Snacks, Dinner, One Kayak Ride, One Candle Light Dinner, Honeymoon Bed, Micro Pick up & Drop off)

One bed room beach villa for two nights (Honeymoon Package) costed 30,000 BDT.               10% Service Charge: 3,000 BDT , 15% VAT: 4,950 BDT ,Grand Total: 37,950 BDT.

Check in time: 1:00 PM
Check out time: 11:00 AM

The walkway to visit the resort

They provided us the food menu for 2 days which I am giving below.
Day - 01:
Special Honeymoon Lunch :
Papaya Juice
Green Salad
Home Made Potato Chips
Fish Cake
Spicy Thi- Chicken
Egg Fried Rice
Mineral Water

Candle Light Dinner :
Seafood Soup
Local Fish Fry
Grilled Red Snapper
Grilled Seasonal Vegetable
Vegetable Fried Rice
Fruit Salad
Mineral Water

Evening Snacks

Day - 02:
Special Honeymoon Lunch :
Green Coconut
Garman Potato Salad with Shrimp
Garden Fresh Salad
Seafood Paella
Mineral Water

Special Honeymoon Dinner:
Watermelon Juice
Tom Yom Soup
Baked Potato and Organic Beans
Seasonal Vegetable Mozzarella
2pcs Grilled Pomfret 250gm
Egg Fried Rice
Mineral Water

Day 1:
It was 29th June morning when we started for our destination. We went there by air. We chose Novoair for going and coming back. I personally like Novoair more than the other airlines. They are more organized and disciplined and their service is quite good. We purchased all the tickets two week before our journey which costed us 20000 BDT (2 person round trip) . Our flight was at 7:00 am in the morning. So we got up early in the morning and arrived at the domestic airport. It took almost 45 minutes to reach at Cox's Bazar from Dhaka. The resort had sent one of their stuffs along with a micro bus for receiving us as we took the pick up and drop off service . Then we started for our resort. After almost half an hour we reached at our destination. Their check in time was at 1:00 pm, but as we reached earlier and the room was empty so they gave us the room before the check in time. They welcomed us with a flower necklace and welcome drink.

After entering into the room we saw that the room was decorated very nicely for our honeymoon. Our room had a mesmerizing sea view. The room was quite big and the beauty of that resort was breathtaking. Then we took shower and went for our lunch. The lunch items were very delicious. The dining was little far from our villa but we enjoyed our walk there. The dining was very well decorated. Different people who were visiting Cox's Bazar, came here to have food in the restaurant but their food items were pretty much costly.

In the evening they gave us snacks which was a pizza. Then we went for a walk around the resort. The resort also provides photographer for 2000 BDT for 75 pictures. We took one photographer and captured some moments of ours and the photographer was quite nice and gave us more than 75 pictures. Everytime when it was our meal time, they called in the room for giving reminder. Around 10:00 pm we had our special honeymoon dinner. All the food items were so delicious. The food items were quite expensive there but as we went there in a honeymoon package they provided us with the best foods.

The yard in front of the villa

Day 2:
In the next day morning it was raining and I opened the door of the villa then what I saw was really beautiful. The waves of the sea came almost near of our yard. We sat on the balcony and enjoyed the view.  After that we had our buffet breakfast. There were so many items in the menu. Then we wanted to go for kayak riding but I wasn't feeling well so I chose to relax at our villa. Then we went out for explore the place. The resort has it's personal beach to enjoy. There were very few in house guests. They also have a very nice gym for the guests. The guests can also take spa if they want. Then we captured some pictures. We didn't go out of the resort as we were very exhausted after all the wedding hassles. In the afternoon me and my husband had tea sitting on our balcony in front of the sea and then we went out for a walk.

Having tea sitting on our balcony
Gymnasium of the resort

At night they provided us a candle light dinner. They decorated the place so beautifully that I can't explain with words! The set up was in the middle of the beach. We could hear the sound of the waves and we were in that place alone. The resort is very well secured that you can enjoy the fullest without any hesitation. This moment is very close to my heart that I will cherish this moment forever in my heart.

In the next day morning after having the buffet breakfast we checked out from our room and the a micro bus dropped us in the airport.  

We enjoyed our honeymoon to the fullest because of their hospitality and special behavior towards us. I am very happy that we had chosen Mermaid Beach Resort as our honeymoon destination.

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