5 Stunning Muslim Countries-that Deserves to be on Your Bucket List

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What is the first thought that comes to your mind when you hear or think of having travel to any of Muslim countries? If you and your family are followers of any religion bar, Islam, then you might get warnings for not visiting them. But I am not writing here to blame anyone. Surely everyone has their own reasons and point of view to defend their choices. However, isn't it better to form your own impression of something rather than seeing the world from other lenses? Dangerous, unsafe, violent -these are some of the absurd and misinformed myths are taking over about Muslim Countries. But there are also undiscovered, undying beauteous traveling destinations in Muslim countries are waiting for you to get off the grid and dive into their mesmerizing beauty. Let me take you to the tour of some of those Muslim countries.

Note :All data on safety/danger is based on the latest UN report on Intentional Homicides. The report and the information in the article doesn't include danger from petty crime, theft and tourist scams.

Indonesia :

Indonesia, a country located off the coast of mainland Southeast Asia in the Indian and Pacific oceans. You probably heard that Indonesia is known to be the world's largest Muslim country with a population of 87.2% Muslims residing there. Besides abundant natural wonders, breathtaking exotic places Indonesia allows you to experience religious diversity and vibrant multiculturalism. The largest archipelago in the world, consists of 17,500 tropical islands, has overwhelming and brimming beauty to cradle whims of every wandering soul who loves to travel. From Outlandish islands wonders, lakes with rich turquoise water covering with lazy beaches, diverse landscapes to a fascinating heritage, monuments, mosques, vernacular architecture - Indonesia offers you a mix with otherworldly hues, divine and spine-chilling adventure for your lifetime! Whether you are backpackers or not, if you ever need a getaway from your monotonous place, Indonesia is the very place you will be looking for.

Places To Visit In Indonesia :

  1. Jakarta: Melting Pot of cultures and mega metropolis for city explorer.
Jakarta - Capital of Indonesia

2. Bali: Tropical lovers paradise.

Bali- Kuta Resort

3.  Nusa Dua : Pristine white sands beach  to die for.

Nusa Dua

4. Java: Active volcano mountains for adventurous souls

Java - Mount Bromo Mountain

5. Komodo : For Komodo Dragons , and relish the beauty of coral reefs in the area.

Komodo Island

6 . Ubud :  Stunning landscape , Rain forest with terraced Rice paddies.

Green Terrace Rice Fields in Ubud

7. Lombok : Known for surfing spots and breath taking marine experience.


2. Turkey

Turkey is a country that occupies a unique geographic position, partly lying in Asia and partly in Europe. With 98.6% of the Muslim population, Turkey was ranked 6th most visited country in the world in 2015. Still, sometimes, Turkey, for being a Muslim country, faces one question, and that is 'Is it safe to visit Turkey'? It's not a kind of question that can be answered in yes/no. But when someone put their feet in Turkey underestimating the age-old prejudice, it is sure to be enchanted by Turkey's captivating beauty. Turkey is a home of the fair chimney and hot air balloon with an outrageous coastline, pine-covered mountains, and a matchless cultural legacy. It is quite rare to find a country that offers you a mix of beaches, mountains, picturesque soaked hot springs with a rich historical background. Besides enriching, mesmerizing beauty lying around in every corner of Turkey, this country does not stop giving you reasons for visiting it, and one of the reasons is its mouth-watering and delightful cuisine. When you are planning an escape from the constant buzz and humdrum of life, Turkey is waiting to welcome you with open arms, with its most ungraspable beauty and enriching adventure.

Places to Visit in Turkey:

1.Istanbul: One of the most top rated tourist Attraction

Istanbul- a world heritage

2.Pamukkale: snow-white hot springs overlooking the nearby city of Denizl.


3.Cappadocia: You do care about 'Hot Air Ballon' ride

Cappadocia : Hot air balloon ride to the horizon

4.Patara:Impressive beach cafe


5.Ölüdeniz: Paragliding over picturesque seaside town


6.The City Of Ephesus: A trip to the ancient

The City Of Ephesus

7.Göreme: A night in elegantly renovated caves


3. Maldives

The Maldives, in full Republic of Maldive, also called the Maldive Islands, an independent island country in the north-central Indian Ocean. A chain of 12000 small coral islands and sandbanks with 100% of the Muslim population has been a must-visit destination for honeymoons from time immemorial. Not only it has azure pristine clear water, vibrant colored reefs with white sand beaches, but also it's lush green landscape will surely take you a bit closer to nature. Although Maldives and Romance are kind of unbeatable and inseparable duo that any other country can hardly offer, unmatched exotic and luxurious living facilities with picturesque scenery does make it a favorite holiday destination for family and friends. Besides its unspoiled magnanimous beauty, Maldives is home for a plethora of local cuisines with a distinctive blend of flavors and strong influences of its neighboring countries. A unique culinary identity and unique flavors do put it a little more ahead of other holiday destinations. If you are planning for a natural escapade with painted mountains and oceanic wonders, Maldives will surely bump to the top of your bucket list

Places to visit in Maldives

  1. Male- Capital of maldives . Best for shopping and exploring brilliant monuments and buildings
Male City 

2. Baros Island-For sun kissed beaches surrounded by cyan blue water,

Baros Island

3. Maaya Thila- Rich oasis for experiencing incredible coral and aquatics

Maaya Thila Diving site

4.Maafushi Island-Major attraction for scuba diving and shark diving

Maafushi Island

5. Emboodhu Finolhu Island- For exotic water villas

Emboodhu Finolhu Island

6. Veligandu Island Beach- For astonishing greenery combining with shimmering water.

Veligandu Island Resort 

7. Bioluminescent Beach- Star gazing with water waves touching your feet with glowing phytoplanktons.

Bioluminescent Beach

4. Jordan

Jordan, Arab country of Southwest Asia, in the rocky desert of the northern Arabian Peninsula. You may get a number of raised eyebrows when you mention a trip to Jordan, not only for this country being a Muslim country with 93.8% Muslim of its population but also for being sandwiched by tumultuous nations like Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and Israel. But Once you do research about Jordan and acknowledge how fast-forwarding nation it is with a natural elegance and lavish archaeological heritage, it will be hard to resist an impulse to pay a visit to this country. Home to one of the seven wonders in the world, Jordan is a unique combo of modernity and tradition. One can explore the totemic cultural hotspots and scenery as well as historical heritage under clear skies and hues of happiness. Jordan is not only about a trip to the past - Floating in the Dead Sea, lively street of Aqaba and Dance in petra will surely give your endorphins a boost. The revelation of Crumbling Roman cities and exquisite ottoman charm isn't the only reason you have to go to Jordan. Lip-smacking Jordanian Traditional dish filled with Levantine flavors is one of the biggest reasons for anyone to visit Jordan for once in their lifetime. There's a quote in Jordan and the Middle East that says something along the lines of:

"Even when you're full, you can still always eat 40 more bites of food."

And their spectacular and distinctive spice pallets will surely prove the quote.

Places to visit in Jordan

1.Petra : One of the seven wonders in the world. I think it should be a sufficient and valid reason to go there.


2. Amman: One the oldest and iconic landmarks with natural elegance for explorer.


3. Madaba :presence of numerous Byzantine and Umayyad mosaics.


4. Jerash : testimony to the sheer wealth of immersive history that still exists at the ruined city


5.Dead Sea:  For lazing on the surface of high density salty water.

Dead Sea

6.Wadi Rum :  Home of  exotic  natural wonders.

Wadi Rum

7. Aqaba: Jordan's gateway to Red Sea.



Egypt is a country located in the northeastern corner of Africa. The magnificent Nile river being Egypt's heartland is not the only reason to bring tourists and explorers to its shores. A treasure trove of ancient history and grand monuments draws tourists to Egypt like bees towards a honeypot. Ancient history, Iconic Pyramids of Giza, an endless stretch of sun-baked sands and clear skies paint the picture of what Egypt truly is. Proudly holding the position of being home of the world's one of the oldest civilizations, Egypt has a 94.9% Muslim population. Traveling to Egypt is a classic expedition that one should undertake once in their lifetime. What not to witness there? Scintillating beaches, vibrant wildlife make Egypt a must-visit country.

Places to visit in Egypt:

1.Pyramids of Giza:One of the surviving seven wonders.

Al-Gizah Pyramids

2.Mahmya Island: for delving into the depths of the water and experience a world of rainbow fish and dolphins.

Mahmya Island

3.Islamic Cairo: Dazzling and brilliantly well-carved mosques.


4.Aswan: a tranquil town backed by orange-hued dunes and set upon winding cures of Nile.


5. White Desert: Surreal landscape with chalk shaped mountain.

White Desert

6.Siwa Oasis:Tranquil tonic to the hustle of Egypt's cities.

Siwa Oasis

7.Alexandria: home of Cleopatra , founder Alexandra.


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